Network Marketing, Is It For You

Network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing as it is also called, is a business. It is not a job, and at the beginning may not even provide a regular income. But if it is run properly, as a business, has the potential to outstrip a normal pay cheque and even allow you to fire your boss. To be able to decide if something is for you, you will need facts, not assumption or second hand information given by your 2nd cousin’s mother’s best friend who tried this once and failed.

To make a serious decision about anything we should gather facts first, then careful and thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons and count the cost. So let me share with you some of the facts, these facts are general and not limited to one Marketing System.

History points to Carl Rehnborg as the father of Network Marketing, after working in china where he saw the effects of diet and nutrition on a population, went back home to the USA and together with a neighbour Dr Castleberry and a sales manager by the name of Lee Mytinger developed the first compensation plan for the company Nutrilite Products and Network Marketing was born. This was in the year 1945. In 1949, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, two school friends joined up with Nutrilite and became distributors. They were a successful team and wanted to share their success with friends and family and also decided to expand their product line. They created their own Network Marketing System and called it the American Way Corporation.

This was later shortened to Amway, and history has proven that this was an intelligent decision. How this system works is quite simple and elegant in its design, The Company develops a product and wants to distribute that product to us, the consumer. Traditional businesses would open a shop and hire workers to sell the product to you, adding on the costs of rent and utilities and of course the wages of the sales staff. In Network Marketing costs are kept to a minimum by cutting out the middle man, no shop, no sales staff, and no utility bills.

They simply recruit people looking for an extra income help them set up their own distributorships, which allow the distributor to sell the product and recruit others who are looking for extra money to do the same. This is Network Marketing in a nutshell, the details change from company to company, and as many companies are out there, there is just as many compensation plans. The Compensation plan is the way the Company pays you; there are levels of payment depending on various levels of achievement.

This is how many people you have recruited into your downline. Which is just another way to say how many people you have recruited, and how many those people have recruited. The more Distributors in your downline, the greater your compensation is. Sound easy doesn’t it. The basics of getting your product out there is, showing the product to your family and friends, showing them the benefits of your product over a store bought product. This will be either based on quality and or the convenience of shopping at home, either by phone or online.

Hopefully they will buy the product and be so awed by the opportunity that they will join in and help spread the word. This is where it gets hard for some people, because some will see the amazing opportunity that you are offering and some will not. Some will buy the product and if it meets their expectations will be a regular customer, some will not. And after a few no responses a lot of people will quit. And then will spread the word of how hard it is and how they got ripped off.

Those who keep at it can achieve an income, and in some cases that income can be life changing. This is where the intelligent examination of the company you choose pays off. First you must understand the compensation plan and how it works and pays, you must agree with the Companies philosophies and goals, and you must be willing to work ethically and teach those you recruit to do the same.

There is much more to Network marketing than I have shown here, much more. I have personally been involved in a few different systems and have had my ups and downs, until I found a Company whose values and products and compensation plans fitted me. Is Network marketing for you? That is for you to decide, don’t get caught up in hype and emotion, think carefully about the company that has been introduced to you, do you love the products? Are the core beliefs of the Company the same or similar to yours? Do you understand the compensation plan? And will you get the support you need to grow your own business? If you want to find out more, please feel free to follow the links at the end of this article and I would be please to show you what I am doing and how it can profoundly change your life, which is of course providing my opportunity fits you.