Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing And Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing (MLM)


1) Flexibility. You work at your own preferred time. Even if you have a full-time job, you can still work your MLM business in the evenings and on weekends.

2) Minimal startup costs and fees. Compared to other small business or franchise, MLM generally has relatively low set-up costs.

3) You dont have to worry about manufacturing, shipping, or delivery of product. All you need to think about is making the sale.

4) Regular motivation in form of seminars, webinars, trainings, and meetings.

5) Presence of a sponsor or mentor to guide you throughout the whole process.


1) You will need to make a long list of people (e.g. family, friends, and relatives) that you have to contact about your MLM program.

2) Some companies may limit your creativity and productivity by putting some restrictions on advertising and marketing methods.

3) Although you are your own boss, you have to regularly attend seminars and meetings.

4) You have to make a significant amount of phone calls to make your MLM business work.

5) Very high failure rate.

Affiliate Marketing


1) Affiliate Marketing has proved to be an easy way to create additional income. It is very easy to set-up. You simply need to select a good affiliate program, sign-up, add the tracking code to your site, and youre good to go.

2) You work at your own preferred time.

3) The affiliate does not need to invest anything other than some time. They also have the freedom of using their own advertising methods and marketing strategies. Affiliates can even focus on their core skills in promoting a product.

4) Wide array of niches, programs, and products for the affiliate to choose from. If one area doesnt work out, the affiliate can quickly move onto another area.

5) You are not required to attend any meetings or long seminars to get started.


1) Unless you know your merchant, Affiliate Marketing offers no personal connection.

2) Some technical knowledge is required.

3) You have to be self-motivated. Affiliate Marketing does not offer support or help groups that can guide you throughout the process.